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Can fireworks be set off in the suburbs of Shanghai during the Spring Festival of 2023

When it comes to the New Year, our first thought is to set off firecrackers, eventually grow up, the flavor of the New Year is more and more weak, also put off some fireworks to know the New Year, but because of the increasing safety risks of lighting fireworks, so many local have under the smoking ban, so 2023 New Year Shanghai suburbs can set off fireworks, let’s have a look.

Can Shanghai put off fireworks in the New Year of 2023?

Can fireworks be played in the suburbs of Shanghai in 2023
The specified address can be used.

New Year Shanghai suburbs can fireworks explosion is many friends, is the latest data in 2023, Shanghai fireworks continue to put in accordance with the proposed rules, namely within the outer ring area is to stop lit, other suburban local can be lit, but with the latest policy control, we also want to look at the notice.

Can you put off fireworks in the suburbs of Shanghai in the New Year 2023?

Do you need to report the fireworks on the outskirts of Shanghai
To report.

“In the sound of New Year’s Eve, the spring breeze sent warm into toso.”For thousands of years, for all Chinese people, the New Year must put explosive battle, without this” crackling ” explosive sound, as if there is no flavor of the New Year. The custom of lighting an explosive war in the New Year has been passed down for thousands of years in China, and Shanghai is no exception. Fireworks and firecrackers in Shanghai must be set off in the designated place that is allowed to ignite. In the New Year of 2023, the Shanghai government will not arrange fireworks, so residents in urban areas. But in the suburbs designated can be put local is put.

Can fireworks explode in the New Year in 2023?

Shanghai suburb fireworks expose fines
The designated address will not be fined, but if the smoking ban fine is certainly some. In 2023, there is no room to fire fireworks within the outer ring line, and the residential area outside the outer ring line. Outside the residential area, fireworks can be fireworks outside the residential area according to the designated local area. Units and individuals who illegally produce, operate, transport, store and light cigarettes will be punished in accordance with the laws and regulations. If the act constitutes a violation of the public security administration, the public security administration shall be punished by law; if the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

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