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Why is there no Chinese label in the duty-free shops

Japanese duty-free shops are the way that many people are buying at present, online and offline can be purchased, Shanghai and Hainan duty-free shops can buy offline, can also be placed in the day duty-free shop app or small program order, the purchase way is still quite convenient. So, why is there no Chinese label in the duty-free shops? Let’s take a look at the specific introduction of quding net!

Why is there no Chinese duty-free shop label 1

Why is there no Chinese label in the duty-free shops
The products of the duty-free shops have no Chinese label. The first reason is that the duty-free shops are duty-free shops at the entry and exit ports. The products purchased from the duty-free shops are directly from abroad and have not entered the country, so you can not have a Chinese label. The Japanese duty-free shop products do not have a Chinese label, and the products are shipped directly from the bonded warehouse.

For example, foreign brands in Hainan Island duty free shops, Pudong Airport duty free shops and Capital Airport duty free shops have no Chinese labels. However, not all the products in the duty-free shops have no Chinese label. If the duty-free shops are duty-free shops in the city, not opened at the entry and exit ports, it will be labeled with Chinese label.

Why is there no Chinese label 2 in the duty-free shops

How to see the production date of duty-free shops
Most of the production date and validity period of the products sold in the duty-free shop are not directly printed on the packaging, but print the production batch number. After buying the products from the duty-free shop, users find the production batch number from the product packaging, and then query the specific production date and shelf life according to the production batch number.

The printing location of the batch number, the length and the form of the batch number are different, and the query of the production date is not the same, the customer needs of the product, you can directly consult the duty-free shop staff on the day.

Why is there no Chinese label 3

Is the duty-free shop app genuine
The day duty-free shop app thing is still relatively reliable. The official website of the duty-free shop APP is a very formal duty-free product ordering APP. It is available from many big brands, except for cosmetics. The duty-free shop also has clothing accessories, watch bags, cigarettes, alcohol, food and so on.

The Japanese duty-free shop is a foreign enterprise with the approval of the Chinese government. Japan Duty free shop is an app that can be purchased online abroad. Customers can buy a number of duty-free products at this limited time, understand the new and progressive shopping understanding, send overseas direct mail, ensure genuine products, understand the one-stop shopping understanding.

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