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How much of the weather in Shanghai in January 2023

Shanghai as magic because of the Disney Oriental pearl landmarks, every year to play in the minority, this is not to see it in January, because this month, so we are curious Shanghai climate in January 2023, and we look at the Shanghai climate in January.

How much of the climate of Shanghai in January 2023 is 1

How much degree of the climate in Shanghai in January 2023
In January, the temperature to Shanghai is around 0 ~10 degrees. Shanghai to wet and cold, is will permeate the cold, all sometimes feel will be the north also sad, suggest January to wear down jacket, sweater, gloves, hat, long Johns, these are necessary. If it is a girl, you can wear thick leggings, it is relatively cold outside, shopping mall inside, subway inside, heating is open very enough!

How much of Shanghai’s climate in January 2023 is 2

January is not suitable for Shanghai
The climate of November is very cold, the root in to long Johns thick down hat scarf gloves fully armed, but have time the sun good climate is not too cold.
Hotel holidays will generally increase the price, as long as you do not choose citizen Square, Lujiazui, Disney such traffic when the large flow of people near the increase will not be too big, other to book as soon as possible, the later the price is more expensive. High-speed trains from Shanghai to Gusu can arrive in half an hour, and the train will be opened depending on the situation. The car will probably be a little stuck. During the New Year period, the traffic in Shanghai was much more open than usual.

Shanghai’s climate in January 2023 is 3

Pay attention to something when visiting Shanghai in January

  1. The amount of catering dishes in Shanghai is small but exquisite, so northerners should properly add dishes to prevent lack of food.
    2, go to Shanghai tour to pay attention to the Shanghainese is more difficult, outsiders travel to Shanghai before the best appropriate study, to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding.
    3, Shanghai is an international metropolis, tourists should pay attention to the behavior and image elements, pay attention to environmental protection, civilized and polite.
    4, go to Shanghai to pay attention to Nanjing Road and City God Temple and other addresses are endowed with congestion, please pay attention to their belongings, in order to prevent theft.
    5 Shanghai’s traffic is more developed, but the road staggered, simply lost. If you need leisurely activities, please had better find a guide or bring your own map, Baidu map, Gaode map are good mobile navigation map, use map guide to prevent delay time can also be more accurate positioning and itinerary guidance. Other, Shanghai buses to mainly coin, please prepare change. If take the subway, can buy all-day ticket more economical.

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