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Characteristic towns in Provence and the Alps

Castellan town is the “door god” of Verdon Canyon (Gorges du Verdon), located on the peak of 903 meters, the chapel (La chapelle Notre-Dame du Roc) has stood there since the 13th century, climbing to the top of the mountain in the afternoon, enjoying the beauty of Verdon Canyon with the bell!
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It is also a pleasure to walk through the ancient city gates and to wander through the narrow streets. You will find the Gothic church of Saint Victor (l’eglise Saint-Victor) built in the late 12th century, the Sacred Heart Church (Eglise du Sacre-Coeur) and the medieval Pentagon (Tour Pentagonale); the Roman Rock Bridge (Pont du Roc), which was damaged many times, but for a long time was the only strategic crossing across the Verdon River.
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In addition to exploring the history of Castellan, the most distinctive market of the city is also worth visiting. After visiting the market, you can find a cafe or restaurant near the fountain in the city and feel the leisurely pace of life of the local people.
The path is rugged and canyon

This is the western entrance to Verdun Canyon (Gorges du Verdon), located in the middle of Verdun Nature Park (Parc naturel regional du Verdon), with olive hills surrounding the town, and the natural waterfall of Cascade du Riou.
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A beautiful star legend exists in Mustown: in a crusade, a knight from Blacas, a captive of the Saracens, made a vow; if he could return to his village, he would hang a star over the village to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary.
The prosperity of the ancient town began in the 16th century, with paper mills, tanneries and mills, and then in the 19th century, due to the developed pottery industry, it became a famous ceramic town in France.
Along the narrow stone path, you can see the 12th century church (Chapelle Notre Dame de Beauvoir). Here, you can overlook the whole ancient town.
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The town heads south across the Galetas Bridge to the scenic Holy Cross Lake (Lac de Sainte-Croix), a popular destination for photography.
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